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Easy Home Tuition provides private tutoring services as well as offers part-time tutoring jobs at good hourly rates up to RM150/hour to the tutors in Malaysia.

Whether you are looking for a part-time, full-time, or home-based tutoring job, Easy Home Tuition is here to help you gain access to countless tutoring opportunities.

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Step 1

Tell us the specific tutoring job that you want to teach. 

Step 2

If it is still available, we need you to a bankin to us a portion of the first month tuition fee as commission. The amount is 25 – 50% depending on the job nature. 

Step 3

All you need to do is introduce yourself professionally and get ready for the first class! We will send the parents some of your info so they know you will be contacting them. 

Step 4


If the parents decided to stop, please contact us so we can return 100% of your commission

Basic Requirement

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  1. We accept Malaysian and Foreigner with good academic qualifications. 
  2. We assume that whatever information that you provide to us is correct and accurate

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