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Parents / Students FAQ

How to request a tutor?

3 Simple Steps:

1. Register your request at https://easyhometuition.com/#form

2. Our staff will get in touch with you to confirm your request.

3. Select your tutor and start learning.

What are the operating hours?

We run everyday! 9 am - 9 pm. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Do I need to pay any agent fee in finding a tutor?

Our service is absolutely FREE for you. Our agent fee is paid by the tutor.

How long it took to get a tutor? Is there any agreement?

Usually, you will get your tutor within 2 working days. You do not need to sign any agreement.

How do I charged?

Let say you need an English private tutor for your son currently at Year 10. The hourly rate is RM50 / hour.


Rate: RM50/ hour

Duration: 1 hour per lesson

Frequency: 1 lesson per week

Estimated Tuition Fee (4 weeks): 1 lesson * RM50/ hour * 4 weeks = RM200.00

Before the end of a month or in any form agreed by both parties, you will need to pay your tutor in full.

How do I make payments to tutor?

1. Credit card payment

2. Internet Bank Transfer

3. Cash

4. E-wallet

What are the tuition rates like for a tutor?

Tutors' rate varies according to tutor’s teaching experiences and rating. Usually, we would send you a fixed tuition rate based on your children’s level and the subject requested. Feel free to speak to our customer support for more pricing advice.

You can find our tuition rate here.

What if I am dissatisfied with my tutor?

For any reason that the tutor did not meet your expectations, please kindly contact your coordinator, and they will help to assist with the lesson cancellation and finding a replacement for you.

Tutor FAQ

How do I apply or receive tuition jobs from Easy Home Tuition?

We post our available tuition jobs in our public WhatsApp on our Facebook.

What qualifications do I need to be a tutor?

The tutor will have to possess at least Form 5 and above qualification. The higher the better.

How to register as a tutor?

Before you apply for a tuition jobs, we will need you to send us your tutor profile and your profile picture. You may use your existing profile from any relevant platform.

How much commission do I need to pay Easy Home Tuition?

Our agency's commission is calculated at 50% on the first payment cycle.

Tuition frequency is usually based on once, twice or thrice a week. Therefore a tuition cycle is calculated in the form of 4 weeks, not subjected to cancellation of lessons.


Your rate: RM50/hr

Frequency: 1 lesson * 1 hour per week

Tuition Fee (4 weeks): 1 lesson * RM50/hr * 4 weeks = RM200.00

Our agency commission: RM200.00 * 50% = RM100.00

Subsequent payment cycles, you will receive in full, the agency's commission is only applicable on the first payment cycle.

What happens if the tutor/student terminates the assignment before completing the designated number of lessons for the first month?

If the tuition is terminated before the first tuition cycle (e.g 10th Jan – 10th Feb) is completed, an equivalent percentage of the agency's commission will be refunded based on the number of completed lessons.

For example, if 3 out of 4 lessons in the first month is conducted and the parents decided to terminate the assignment, we will refund you 1 / 4 of the 50% commission.

If the tuition is terminated after the first tuition cycle is completed, the assignment is considered closed and hence not eligible for a refund.

I did not receive any response after replying to your WhatsApp / Telegram for the tuition jobs to which I have applied for.

Due to the overwhelming response when we send out the job notification, we regret that only shortlisted tutors will be contacted.