Privacy Policy

This privacy notice for personal data (“Personal Data Privacy Notice”) is issued to all our valued customers and guests of Easy Home Tuition, according to the statutory requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”).

During your course of dealing with us, we will collect and process your personal data for purposes, including, to communicate with you, provide services to you, respond to your inquiries or complaints, provide you with information and/or updates on services and/or promotions offered by Easy Home Tuition and other purposes required to operate and maintain our business as set out in our Personal Data Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as “Purposes”).

By providing your Personal Data to us and/or continuing access to our website (“Site”), you declare that you have read and understood this Policy and agree to us processing your Personal Data in accordance with the manner as set out in this Policy.

  1. Personal Data

1.1          The term “Personal Data” means any information in our possession or control that relates directly or indirectly to an individual to the extent that the individual can be identified or are identifiable from that and other information in our possession such as name, address, telephone number, Identification/Passport number, date of birth, photograph, email address, household information, etc. The types of Personal Data collected depend on the purpose of collection. We may “process” your Personal Data by way of collecting, recording, holding, storing, using, and/or disclosing it.

1.2           In addition, we may also receive, store and process your Personal Data which are provided or made available by any third parties, credit reference bodies, regulatory and law enforcement authorities, for reasons including delivery of our products and/or services, the performance of conditions of agreements and/or to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

1.3           in respect of personal data of third parties provided by you to us, you warrant that you have obtained their consents allowing us to process their personal data and you will extend a copy of this Notice to them.

  1. Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

2.1           You hereby agree and consent to us using and processing your Personal Data provided to us, in the manner and for the purposes as described below (collectively referred to as the “Purposes”):-

(i)            to provide you with services or information requested;

(ii)          to contact, communicate, respond to you;

(iii)        to comply with legal and contractual obligations;

(iv)          to establish your identity and background;

(v)            to respond to your inquiries or complaints and resolve any issues and disputes which may arise in connection with any dealings with us;

(vi)          to maintain and update internal record keeping;


(vii)        to administer and give effect to your commercial transactions with us;

(viii)      to process any payments related to your commercial transactions with us;

(ix)          to process and analyze your Personal Data either individually or collectively with other individuals;

(x)            to share any of your Personal Data with any third party service provider of a similar nature at Easy Home Tuition’s discretion;

(xi)          to share any of your Personal Data pursuant to any agreement or document which you have duly entered with us for purposes of seeking legal and/or financial advice and/or for purposes of commencing legal action;

(xii)        to comply with any statutory obligation; or

(xiii)      to comply with our administrative and accounting purposes.


  1. Disclosure of Personal Data

3.1           We will not sell, rent, transfer or disclose any of your Personal Data to any third party without your consent. However, we may disclose your Personal Data to the following third parties, for one or more of the above Purposes:

(i)            your immediate family members and/or emergency contact person as may be notified to us from time to time;

(ii)          any party nominated or appointed by us either solely or jointly with other service providers, for purpose of establishing and maintaining a common database where we have a legitimate common interest;

(iii)        our business partners, third-party product and/or service providers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, or agents, on a need to know basis, that provide related products and/or services in connection with our business, or discharge or perform one or more of the above Purposes and other purposes required to operate and maintain our business;

(iv)         for enabling us to perform our obligations and enforce our rights under any agreements or documents that we are a party to;

(v)           to transfer or assign our rights, interests, and obligations under any agreements entered into with us;

(vi)         for meeting any applicable legal or regulatory requirements and making disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular, or code applicable to us;

(vii)       to enforce or defend our rights and your rights under, and to comply with, our obligations under the applicable laws, legislation and regulations;

(viii)      such other party deems necessary for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 2 above.




  1. Request for Access and Inquiries

4.1           In the event if you would like to access to, correct, rectify or restrict the extent of our handling of your Personal Data held by us or any third party appointed by us, you may at any time hereafter inform us in writing.

4.2           If you have any questions about this Policy or have any further queries, or would like to make a complaint or data access or correction request in respect of your Personal Data, you may contact us at the contact details below:

4.3           The collection of your Personal Data by us may be mandatory or voluntary in nature depending on the Purposes for which your Personal Data is collected. Where you must provide us with your Personal Data, and you fail or choose not to provide us with such data, or do not consent to the above or this Policy, we will not be able to provide products and/or services or otherwise deal with you.